On March 12th, All Points Transit was recognized by Region 10 for its “Above and Beyond” award for creating solutions to the transportation challenges facing Montrose and Delta counties. The organization currently provides nearly 2,500 rides a month to seniors through the Older Americans Act program. They are working with community stakeholders to develop a volunteer transportation program in order to reduce the waiting list and offer other options to older adults, who do not need paratransit.

“All Points Transit is honored to receive the Above and Beyond Award,” Mobility Manager, Sarah Curtis comments. “Our drivers, admin staff, and board of directors work diligently to serve our region. Getting recognition for these efforts is always a wonderful thing.”

All Points Transit’s Executive Director, Sharon Fipps, also wanted to make certain that Curtis received her fair share of the credit for the good work being accomplished with her organization. “She’s put a lot of work into trying to set up a volunteer driver network,” Fipps comments.

Region 10 Community Living Services is pleased to recognize All Points Transit for these creative efforts to improve transportation services to older adults and people with disabilities. If you are interested in learning more about these efforts please contact Sarah Curtis, Mobility Manager with All Points Transit at 970-249-6204.