Back in March 2015, we shared the story of High Alpine Brewing Company, and how Region 10 helped give them a jump start. It’s the story of Bryan Wickenhauser, Scott Cline, Jon Brown working to provide a much needed service and product in Gunnison, Colorado: brewing and serving quality craft beer.

But this project has always been more than just brewing beer. High Alpine owns a unique relationship with its location. Its tagline – “Where beer meets tree line” – demonstrates the company’s commitment to its pristine, high-altitude surroundings.

It only seemed natural then for High Alpine to partner with Gunnison Trails, a nonprofit advocacy group who works preserve trail-based education, conservation, and recreation in Gunnison County.

The two teamed up to create Penny for Trails, a fundraising effort that adds one cent to every dollar spent on food and beverage at the brewery.

“Partnering with Gunnison Trails fits our philosophy of giving back and ties in well with our business model,” Cline adds.

“We’re honored that these guys have that kind of confidence in our mission and out organization,” states Dave Wiens, Executive Director of Gunnison Trails.

The Penny program had a kickoff party on January 19th, and is still going strong.

These are the type of ventures that only come to fruition when the community invests in its local economies.