Region 10 League for Economic Assistance and Planning is pleased to announce the issuance of two requests for proposals — one for transit implementation, the other for broadband implementation. Both RFPs are regional in scope and cover six counties — Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Hinsdale, San Miguel, and Ouray. Region 10, in conjunction with countless community stakeholders, is seeking the knowledge and expertise of highly skilled consultants to provide highly detailed implementations plans for these two critical topics — both of which can greatly improve economic development on the Western Slope.

Supported by an Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) grant provided by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), the first RFP seeks to address the regional demand for broadband access. As the Western Slope strives to compete economically, the lack of adequate and affordable broadband continues to surface as an impediment for development. A great deal of legwork has already taken place to address this issue. The goal of the implementation plan is to bring all of the key activities, personnel, and organizations together for the sake of developing a level of preparedness to allow the region to move into a final design and construction phase for broadband expansion. The shared goal of the region is to provide abundant, redundant, and affordable internet service to our citizens, businesses, and visitors.

The second RFP seeks to expand upon the recommendations of Region 10’s transit study —  “Four County Study Update” — completed in April 2013. Transit drives economic development; the ability of a workforce to remain mobile within a geographically expansive region enables people to better connect with employment opportunities without complete relocation. A detailed implementation plan will be necessary to connect our communities within the region by expanding existing services and identifying unmet needs. Specific “shovel ready” projects will need to be identified to prepare the region for future expansion and funding.

Piece by piece, Region 10 is striving to work towards the improvement of infrastructure and the expansion of services that allows our communities to compete not only nationally, but globally. These two broad projects represent some of the biggest steps toward a lasting and enduring progress.

For more information on these RFPs, please check out the following link:

For more information about our current efforts in both broadband and transit, please feel free to contact our office at (970) 249-2436.