Region 10’s efforts for improving broadband services is becoming a reality. Region 10 League for Economic Assistance and Planning announces the arrival of the first order of fiber optic cable for construction of its regional broadband network. 60,000 feet of fiber arrived recently at the Delta Public Works Depot where it will be stored during construction. The completed network will provide abundant, affordable and reliable broadband to the twenty-two, member communities throughout the Region.

This is the first of numerous orders for fiber and other materials needed for network construction in the City of Delta. The fiber optic cable will be used to provide connections for key government and community facilities throughout the City and will be used by existing Internet service providers to reduce their costs of offering broadband services to homes and businesses. This year’s network construction will take place in the Cities of Delta and Montrose, and is the first big milestone in helping local governments to bring high-speed, Gigabit-enabled broadband to the Region.

Region 10 issued several invitations for proposal in June; the first being the Request for Information (RFI) for Dark Fiber IRU or Swap Agreement. The purpose of this bid was to invite those companies with networks in the region to discuss how they could partner with Region 10 for the benefit of the various communities. The second invitation was the Request for Proposal (RFP) for network construction in the City of Delta. The month-long submission period has ended and provided proposals which are currently under review. A general contractor will now be selected and construction activities are scheduled to begin within the next several weeks. A third invitation for proposal has also been issued in July for network construction in the City of Montrose.

The RFPs and RFI are part of a long term Region 10 initiative to help local governments in bringing high-speed, Gigabit-enabled broadband to their communities. The continued goal of these efforts is to construct the “middle mile” infrastructure throughout the Region, while providing redundancy for the individual cities. Local governments have identified affordable and reliable, high-speed broadband as essential to the Region’s economic development, public safety and health, and statewide competitiveness.

Region 10’s efforts have been extensively supported by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) in this broadband project. DOLA has been a critical partner for infrastructure projects throughout the region and has provided leadership, technical support and grant funding throughout the broadband planning process.

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