Broadband continues to be a hot topic in Western Slope communities. Below are some recent publications that discuss WHY we need further broadband development, and how our current infrastructure is holding us back economically.


Grand Valley Magazine “Better Broadband”

Starting on page 101, this article dives into how broadband relates to economic development, with a specific lens focused on the Western Slope. It also discusses the political nature of this issue, and what actors are involved. John Gavan, who is an important member of our Broadband Steering Committee, is quoted as well.

Other recent news articles related to broadband developments in Region 10:

KVNF – “Region 10 Tries To Find Ways To Improve Western Slope Broadband”

More discussion about the economic impact of broadband. John Gavan is featured, as well as Diane Kruse from NEO Fiber.

KVNF – “City of Montrose Collaborates to Bring Fiber Optic

This article is specific to the City of Montrose and their broadband efforts. Virgil Turner, Director of Innovation and Citizen Engagement, is a valuable team member on the regional broadband steering committee

Montrose Daily Press – “City advancing plans for broadband” (Subscription needed)

This article covers the collaboration between City of Montrose and Region 10. You will need a subscription to read the full article. Most notable quote comes from Michelle Haynes, Region 10’s Executive Director: “[Broadband is] getting to the level that electricity was back in the 1900s. There was an understanding that it’s what you need to operate and be competitive.” 

The Norwood Post – “County asks voters to approve telecom infrastructure ownership”

San Miguel County is going to the ballot to opt out of SB-152 just like Montrose did. 

KUNC – “Why Colorado Towns Have to Vote If They Want Better Broadband”

Takes a look at communities challenging SB-152 by taking broadband ownership to the voters.