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Final preparations and design efforts continue in order to begin network construction in the Cities of Delta and Montrose. Invitations to bid were issued last week (www.Rockymountainbidsystems.com) including: RFP Construction of Middle-Mile Fiber in The City of Delta and RFI for the Dark Fiber Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRU)/Dark Fiber Swap Agreement. Final modifications to the RFP for Outside Plant Construction in Montrose are underway with issue of invitation to bid expected next week.

Region 10 has placed its first order for fiber optic cable this week, ordering 40,000 ft. each of 144 and 48 count fiber cable. The first delivery is expected in 2-3 weeks, with the remainder arriving in alignment with construction needs. Additionally, vaults will be ordered for Phase One construction once the Montrose final design and Bill of Materials have been completed.

Region 10, NEO Connect and Actavo met June 17 with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) to discuss grant requirements prior to Region 10’s final construction planning. Talking points included timelines for documents review, approval and award, site certifications, insurance and compliance, and Davis Bacon and EEO requirements. Additionally, special award conditions regarding Fish & Wildlife, and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) were discussed.

Project Scheduling

Scheduling for Phase One Construction, which includes both the City of Delta and the City of Montrose, is dependent upon selection of fiber routing and the subsequent field surveys in Montrose. Final timeline and scheduling will also be determined by delivery dates for fiber and vaults. NEO Connect will announce a completed schedule prior to the start of construction activities. Region 10 – Project Update SUBMITTED BY NEO CONNECT JUNE 24, 2016

Engineering Final Design

Final design for Phase One construction in The City of Montrose is nearing completion, with most potential routing choices selected and surveyed for Make-Ready-Construction (MRC). The Bill of Materials will be completed once the final design of the network is established. Field

Survey and Permitting

Survey work for the City of Montrose is nearly complete with work crews focused on detailed pole and route survey. Final routing adjustments are being integrated as collaborative assets continue to be defined within the City of Montrose. Permitting for upcoming construction will be ongoing, with many, including those for all railroad crossings, already submitted for approval.

Request(s) for Proposal (RFP)

Construction & Request for Information (RFI) – Dark Fiber IRU/Fiber SWAP

The RFP for Middle-Mile Construction in The City of Delta was issued for bidding last week (www.rockymountainbidsystem.com/City-of-Montrose.asp?AgencyID=2331&PageType=open). Please see the following table for relevant dates.

Schedule of Events (subject to change) – All times are given in local Colorado time

  • Invitation to Bid, Release of RFP – 6/14/2016
  • Inquiry Deadline – 6/21/2016
  • Final Addendum Issued – 6/24/2016
  • Proposal Due Time and Date – 7/8/2016 at 4:00pm
  • General Contractor Selected, Contract Executed – Week of 7/11/2016
  • Mobilization and Construction Start- 7/25/2016 at 4:00pm

RFP Dates – City of Delta Middle-Mile Construction

The RFI – Dark Fiber IRU/Fiber Swap was completed last week and is currently open for bidding (www.rockymountainbidsystem.com/City-of-Montrose.asp?AgencyID=2331&PageType=open). Please see the following table for relevant dates.

Schedule of Events (subject to change) – All times are given in local Colorado time

  • RFI Issued – 6/13/2016
  • Inquiry Deadline – 6/24/2016
  • Final Addendum Issued – 06/30/2016 at 4:00pm
  • Proposal Due Date and Time – 07/07/2016 at 4:00pm

RFP for OSP Construction and Bill of Materials – City of Montrose

NEO Connect and Actavo are currently focusing on preparation of the RFP for Construction of Outside Plant (OSP) for The City of Montrose. This RFP and the project’s Bill of Materials are expected to be ready for issue by Friday June 1st, contingent upon approval of final routing with various Region 10 stakeholders. The deadline for submission of responses will be prior to the end of July, with contract award, mobilization and the start of construction activities beginning in early August.