The construction contractor for The City of Delta has been selected and contract execution is pending. A pre-construction meeting occurred on August 10th in the City of Delta. The RFP for OSP Construction in the City of Montrose is open for bidding with proposals due August 12. Review and evaluation of the responses to the RFI for Dark Fiber is ongoing.

Engineering and design of Carrier Neutral Locations, equipment shelters and network equipment is ongoing. Multiple competitive bid processes will be issued for these components of the network implementation.

Construction activities are scheduled to begin in the City of Delta August 15 and are expected in the City of Montrose by the end of August. Actavo and NEO Connect are finalizing design and equipment requirements for connection of Region 10 and Grand Junction.

A press release will be issued this week to announce that Region 10 has selected a contractor for OSP Construction in The City of Delta.

Request(s) for Proposal – RFP for OSP Construction in the Cities of Delta & Montrose

Construction contractor TCS Communications has been selected to complete OSP Construction in The City of Delta. Execution of the contract and announcement of award is pending. Region 10, NEO Connect and Actavo will meet with TCS in a preconstruction meeting on August 10 in Delta. Review of design, bonding, insurance and construction documents is ongoing.

The RFP for OSP Construction in The City of Montrose has been posted for review and bidding by over 800 firms at This document has also been transmitted directly to construction firms across the country, in an effort to increase response rates to the RFP as much as possible. Deadline for submission of proposals has been extended to August 12 with construction activities starting by August 25th.

Engineering, Field Survey Work and Permitting

The City of Delta has is currently reviewing the final permitting packages submitted by Actavo. Actavo is coordinating with TCS to review design/engineering and permitting. Permitting applications with the BLM, Railroad and CDOT are on schedule. Engineering and quality assurance activities continue throughout the Cities of Montrose and Delta to address minor design changes in preparation for construction. Actavo and NEO Connect continue to work on the RFP for Network Equipment and Shelters.