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June 17, 2016

NEO Connect and Actavo are currently working with the Cities of Delta and Montrose to complete final preparations and design efforts prior to network construction. Invitations to bid were issued this week on www.Rockymountainbidsystems.com, including: RFP Construction of Middle-Mile Fiber in The City of Delta and RFI for the Dark Fiber Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRU)/Dark Fiber Swap Agreement.  The RFP for Construction in Montrose is expected complete by June 30.

Additionally, NEO Connect and Actavo have met with both Tri-State and San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) for field-level evaluations of potential shared facilities. Site visits were completed to Tri State’s Starr-Nelson Substation and the Grand Junction Carrier Point-of-Presence. Both sites were evaluated for compatibility with Region 10 construction plans.

A conference call with representatives at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration is scheduled for June 17 at 930am. The purpose of which is to review the EDA grant requirements prior to Region 10’s final construction planning.

In addition to these meetings, the following activities are underway:

Preparation of budget, scheduling and production-tracking tools

NEO Connect is currently preparing a shared MS Project-based schedule for use with Actavo’s engineering team. Phase One scheduling is contingent upon completion of fiber routing and field surveys in Montrose, and timeline for delivery of fiber and vaults. The final version will be complete following a comprehensive review with the selected construction contractor. Overall budget, and material and labor cost projections are being managed with several Excel documents that use the current version of the Bill of Materials as a baseline. Preparation of these documents will be ongoing though the construction start date.

Engineering base map and final design.

The final engineering designs are developed based upon existing infrastructure, construction constraints and the buildout preferences of the various stakeholders. Final design for the initial build for theCity of Delta is complete, with all routing selected and analyzed for Make-Ready-Construction (MRC). Final design for the initial build within the City of Montrose is nearing completion, contingent upon final route selections and MRC analysis, and is expected complete by June 30.

Field Survey and Permitting

Field survey for the City of Delta is complete. Survey work for the City of Montrose is nearly complete with work crews focused on detailed pole and route surveys, completion contingent upon selection of final routing. Adjustments are expected to be made for design as collaboration efforts/assets are further defined within the City of Montrose. The permitting process requires extensive due diligence and will be ongoing throughout much of construction. The Actavo Engineering team continues filing for construction permits with the necessary state, federal and railroad entities. NEO Connect and Actavo expect to submit sample MRC packages to DMEA for review of process and clarification of expectations this week.

Request(s) for Proposal (RFP) Construction & Request for Information (RFI) – Dark Fiber IRU/Fiber SWAP

NEO Connect has completed the RFP for Middle-Mile Construction in The City of Delta. This document has been posted for review and bidding by over 800 firms at www.rockymountainbidsystem.com/City-of-Montrose.asp?AgencyID=2331&PageType=open. Please see the following table for relevant dates.

Schedule of Events (subject to change) All times are given in local Colorado time
Invitation to Bid, Release of RFP Tuesday, 06/14/2016
Inquiry Deadline Tuesday, 06/21/2016
Final Addendum Issued Friday, 06/24/2016 at 4:00pm
Proposal Due Date and Time Friday, 7/8/2016 at 4:00pm
General Contractor Selected, Contract Executed Week of 7/11/2016
Mobilization and Construction Start Monday, 07/25/2016 at 4:00pm

RFP Dates – City of Delta Middle-Mile Construction

NEO Connect is preparing the Construction Request for Proposal (RFP), City of Montrose. The RFP is expected to be ready for issue by June 30. Construction activities are currently scheduled to begin in July in The City of Delta, and continuing through completion in The City of Montrose during the month of October.

NEO Connect has completed the RFI – Dark Fiber IRU/Fiber Swap and it is currently open for review at www.rockymountainbidsystem.com/City-of-Montrose.asp?AgencyID=2331&PageType=open. Please see the following table for relevant dates.

Schedule of Events (subject to change) All times are given in local Colorado time
RFI Issued Monday, 06/13/2016
Inquiry Deadline Friday, 06/24/2016
Final Addendum Issued Thursday, 06/30/2016 at 4:00pm
Proposal Due Date and Time Thursday, 07/07/2016 at 4:00pm

RFI Dates – Dark fiber IRU / Fiber Swap