The broadband steering committee and NEO Fiber hosted a conference call on October 9th to go over the latest updates and discuss next steps regarding our Broadband Blueprint planning.

NEO Fiber finished its final round of community meetings. Hosted in nearly a dozen locations throughout Region 10, NEO Fiber discussed its plans and solicited feedback from community stakeholders, anchor institutions, and service providers. The meetings were well attended and positive in dialogue.

NEO Fiber has already started the daunting task of mapping out broadband infrastructure. These means an extensive compilation of census and GIS data with the goal of consolidating information about existing infrastructure like cell towers and underground fiber. NEO Fiber is working closely with all of the Region 10 communities to gather necessary data that will better inform the final results of the implementation plan. This aspect of the project requires a high degree of effort and even higher level of detail by NEO Fiber. It is a lot of “plug and chug” style of work but very necessary to the perfection of a final product.

To date, the broadband planning process has not experienced significant setbacks and is proceeding well toward its estimated date of delivery. Region 10 is committed to consistent updating of the planning efforts as new updates materialize. As always, to stay informed of our efforts, continue to check in at