Community Living Services ADRC is building capacity

The past year has brought more big changes to the program with the addition of ADRC Options Counselors to each county served by Region 10.

ADRC (Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado) serves adults with disabilities and older adults with information, referrals to programs and services that help people maintain their highest level of independence and remain in their community of choice. We needed to build our capacity throughout the region in order to best meet the needs of our consumers and we have been fortunate to contract with other agencies to meet those needs with Options Counselors who live in the community and understand the unique needs of those we serve and have access to local resources.

An Options Counseling visit usually occurs in the home giving us insight into the strengths and resources of each individual; the visit includes a comprehensive assessment and in-depth discussion with the consumer to determine what is working for them, what is not, and help them identify what they hope to achieve. We then work with them to develop a plan that helps them achieve those goals. This person centered approach ensures that the client makes educated decisions.

The process looks first at the financial picture to determine if the individual may be eligible for other programs like LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance), Low Income Assistance for Medicare or Long Term Care Medicaid. Many older adults do not understand the difference between Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Social Security Disability. These programs can be difficult for anyone to understand but an older adult in crisis has a very tough time navigating the systems.

We are here to help them understand the options and make informed choices. There is nothing worse than finding a long term care policy after the financial assets have been depleted, but many people do not realize what they have until it is too late.

After the financial assessment we look at what the individual can do for themselves ADL’s (activities of daily living) the ability to dress, bathe, toilet, eat etc. and IADL’s (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) pay bills, go shopping, take medications, prepare meals and clean house. These things help us determine if life lines, assisted transportation, home delivered meals, homemaker, personal care or caregiver respite would be helpful. We make suggestions and offer options; it is always up to the consumer to decide their own path.

People often assume they need to go to the nursing home when they begin to struggle; there are so many resources to help people remain in their home, in an environment they are comfortable in, at a much lower cost.

We actually have a lot of resources in the region that most people are not aware of until they need them. One of our goals as an agency is to offer community education about these topics and create well informed consumers who are able to make better decisions when the time comes. Check out the calendar of events for educational presentations and evidenced based programs throughout the region.

Knowledge is power!

Amy Rowan-Lead Options Counselor 970-765-3123          Claudette Nicolas-970-765-3121

Caitlin Williams-Delta Co OC-970-399-3615                            Diana Baker-Gunnison Co OC 970-641-7984

Deon Tempfer-West End OC 970-708-7096                           Mary Cockle-Ouray Co OC 970-325-4586

Jacqi Kambish-Hinsdale Co OC 970-944-0231