Our goal at Community Living Services is to bring the right people together, remove barriers, and solve some of the problems that disabled and older adults face. Partners in CareGiving is a perfect example of that facilitation. Three volunteers (listed below) approached the ADRC several months ago to ask for our input and assistance in developing this new model of caregiver support. As a result they have launched this exciting new way to support caregivers.

Partners in CareGiving is a caregiver peer support program designed to connect caregivers to one another. Partners in CareGiving empower, educate, and encourage CareGivers, as they perform their important work of caring for a loved one. PIC provides compassion, understanding, and validation for caregivers, developing long-term relationships, in order to strengthen caregivers for the extraordinary task they accomplish.

Many caregivers face their daunting task alone; family may not understand or be too far away to assist with day to day care. Friends may help, yet not understand the true commitment and dedication of caring for a loved one. PIC provides opportunities for caregivers to share their concerns, challenges, and everyday victories with an experienced and compassionate fellow “CarePartner”.

Partners in CareGiving volunteers are CarePartners, not professionals. Most importantly, they are fellow caregivers with insights, understanding, and a desire to support and guide other caregivers. CarePartners share their experience, wisdom, skills, and guide caregivers to community resources, agencies, and services. Both groups communicate using email, telephone, letter writing, and in-person meetings depending on what works best for CareGivers. CarePartners and CareGivers form a long-term, trusting, caring, compassionate friendship sharing the successes and challenges of CareGiving.

Caregivers of all experiences are eligible to participate in PIC, as a CarePartner or as a CareGiver.  To learn more about becoming a CarePartner or to gain support as you provide care, please contact:

Danielle McCarthy

Laird Landon

Glen Hinshaw