Meet Our Newest Ombudsman, Linda Conner

The Region 10’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman team is proud to welcome Linda Conner!

Linda retired after being an R.N. for 45 years, 25 of those spent in long-term care; she found myself missing the interactions with residents. As a child her mom had her volunteering in the “Sunshine Club” at church and she visited the nursing homes regularly. Linda always felt a special bond with the residents as a child and that foundation served her well as a nurse. As her career advanced Linda’s love for long-term care residents grew, improving resident quality of care and quality of life were at the core of everything she did.

She has been blessed to have many different nursing jobs and served as a legal nurse consultant, but her heart was always with long-term care residents and she began a search to somehow re-engage. The Region 10’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman program accepted her offer to become a volunteer Ombudsman. She is grateful for the opportunity to spend a few hours a month with this very special population and help make sure their lives are as fulfilling as possible.

About Region 10’s Long-Term Ombudsman Program

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman program advocates for residents of nursing homes, board and care homes, and assisted living facilities. Ombudsman address a variety of complaints regarding the quality of life and care of individuals living in long-term care facilities. “We are the resident advocates there to reinforce Resident Rights and ensure that the voice of the resident is always heard, we are there to support residents and family members and work with the staff to improve the quality of life and care.”

If you would like to learn more about the Ombudsman program, please contact Sandy Walker at 970-765-3131