Montrose High School’s National Honor Society was recognized for their diligent efforts to help the elderly and disabled by shoveling walkways during the winter. Region 10 and the Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC) awarded their efforts as a part of the second annual Snow Bash Challenge.

On May 4th, Region 10 and ADRC presented a check for $200 to National Honor Society for taking on the bulk of the work solicited for the Snow Bash Challenge. The check amount was the result of generous community donations, and the money will go towards covering membership fees of NHS members. The student group contributed 45 hours of volunteer work, shoveling sidewalks and driveways for the elderly and disabled.

The value of in-kind donation was estimated at $900. For many senior citizens who are on a fixed budget, that is a lot of money. “The people who benefited from this great community project were so grateful for this important service,” comments Eva Veitch, Director of Community Living Services at Region 10.

One student stood out for her strong contribution to the Snow Bash Challenger. Stella Campbell shoveled more than three other seniors combined. Campbell also volunteers regularly for Community Living Services.

“We can’t thank these volunteers enough for their willingness to help with this great project,” adds Eva Veitch. “We are better together.”

ADRC is a membership organization consisting of several agencies whose mission is to improve services for those who are not physically able to support themselves. Leveraging its extensive membership, the group created the Snow Bash Challenge as a way to provide a free service to those who physically struggle to remove snow from their properties.

“This is a generation that worries about their responsibility to keep people safe while on their property, but shoveling sidewalks is just not in their best interest,” comments Veitch. “These are also the folks who use senior transportation and receive home delivered meals, so their outdoor safety is critical.”