“Lang may yer lum reek.” ~ Scottish saying
(Rough translation: May you always be able to provide for your family.)

Rhona Keckler, Region 10’s Enterprise Zone Coordinator, is officially retiring after many years of dedicated service to our region.

After eight years of hard work, Rhona leaves our organization in a much better shape than she inherited it. During her tenure, she was responsible for organizing and developing the Enterprise Zone, which is responsible for creating economic development opportunities via tax credits for businesses and nonprofit programs. Region 10’s Enterprise Zone is highly respected within the state – mostly due to Rhona’s attention to detail and work ethic.

“Because of Rhona’s efforts, Region 10’s Enterprise Zone has created hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars of investments into our community,” Michelle Haynes, Region 10’s Executive Director, comments. “We all owe Rhona our deepest and most sincere gratitude.”

Rhona also assisted with the management of the Gunnison Valley Transportation Planning Region and the Three Rivers Regional Transit Coordination Council – both of which strive to engage the community in transit and transportation coordination as an avenue for economic development in the region. In all seriousness, Rhona has worn so many hats at Region 10 that it is difficult to keep count.

Rhona was formally recognized for her service at Region 10’s Executive Board meeting on June 26th. She also received a formal recognition from Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper. She will be dearly missed, and all of the staff and board of Region 10 wish her all of the best of in her future endeavors.

To learn more about the great Enterprise Zone tax credits that Rhona managed, please visit Region 10’s Enterprise Zone website to learn more.