Selvin and Carmen of Sandoval of Sandoval Construction began working with the West Central office of the SBDC in 2013. The economy on the Western Slope was bad. New construction was basically dead and remodels were hard to come by. Selvin didn’t want to lay off any of his crew, so he asked for help with marketing his firm. His counselor helped him identify his target markets and an afforadable plan to reach them. The plan included ads, participating in area Home Shows and reaching out to specific target markets.

His counselor helped them design a brochure to hand-out at the Home Show. She also recommended offering a drawing for a gift card from Home Depot to encourage people to stop and talk with them. Attending his first home show in Montrose as a vendor was a bit intimidating but with his counselor’s support he knew it would be a success. He asked if his SBDC counselor would stop by as they set up their booth and give them feedback. She did and provided some valuable suggestions as viewing the booth when no one was there was going to be different than with people filling the walkway.

The next day, opening day, the people came. He found that his SBDC counselor was right about how the show would work. He had to greet people and encourage them to talk with him about their needs and his business. Many people just wanted to sign-up for the drawing prize and weren’t interested in construction. However, the show ended a success with several people asking for quotes for projects. In the long run, the expenses for the show were paid for by several construction projects he received because of talking with people at the Home Show.

Selvin has been in the construction business since 2000 and has built beautiful homes and remodels all over the western slope. He just needed to get the word out about what he could do and how reasonable his prices were.

“I don’t know where I would be today without the help of the SBDC,” adds Selvin. “Now they are helping me apply for my DBE certification with the state of Colorado so that I will get preference as a minority business owner. The SBDC has provided my wife and me with good advice. If I have a problem I cannot solve, I know where to go for help.”