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RSVP volunteers, age 55 and older, use their skills, abilities and life experiences to serve the nonprofit agencies in Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties. Other national focus areas include services to veterans, education and disaster response.

Some of the benefits of becoming an RSVP volunteer include the opportunity to work with a professional volunteer coordinator who will explore various volunteer opportunities and provide follow-up and support as needed; free excess liability insurance while volunteering; and the opportunity to share and interact with other older Americans as they seek to give back to their communities.

Current RSVP volunteers:

Use this link to log into our VicNet portal to log timesheets.


The entire team of RSVP Lead Volunteers, Program staff, and RSVP Community Coordinators THANK YOU for using this Volunteer System. By using this system to enter your volunteer time and reimbursement requests, you will no longer need to submit a paper timesheet AND you are saving RSVP staff valuable clerical time.

VicNet Help:  Region 10 Volunteer Tutorial

VicNet Help:  Additional VicNet Features

Want to join our community of volunteers? There’s a reason there are 300 of us throughout our communities!

Why you should become a Region 10 Senior Volunteer…

By joining the RSVP ‘family’, you help create a positive image of seniors and join one of America’s oldest and largest volunteer organizations. RSVP helps you to find just the right fit for your time and interests. RSVP members have the benefit of insurance coverage while at your volunteer job, a quarterly newsletter, recognition events, discounts and the continuing support of your RSVP staff.

If you or somebody you know is interested in enriching the lives of others and becoming a Region 10 Senior Volunteer, please contact Joe.

Joe Walker
RSVP Coordinator