Heath and Jesse McCombs’s love of archery started when they were both young. “Back when I was about 10, my dad picked it up, and he decided to set me and my brother up at about the same time,” Jesse, the youngest, reminisces. “That was probably the most memorable thing about archery for me.”

Their love of archery stuck with them through high school and after their time in the military. Returning to their home of Montrose, the McCombs brothers saw a unique opportunity to pursue their lifelong passions. Their hometown lacked an adequate archery retail option, so they created their own business – Max Archery – and literally took it on the road. In March 2012, Max Archery launched as a mobile business with the McCombs brothers driving around to various trade shows and events, selling archery equipment.

After working the circuit for about three years and developing a strong clientele, the brothers decided it was time to establish their business as a permanent fixture. Their goal was to find a place that could house a robust enough inventory to meet the needs of their customers, but also include an indoor range for customers to test their equipment. And they found the space to do so at 237 N 4th St, Montrose, CO 81401.

“Max Archery is more than just a shop; it’s a community asset.”

IMG_0755However, cash flow became an issue when it came to offering the inventory that archery customers demanded. “There is a huge selection out there,” Jesse comments. “It took us some time to figure out what people wanted and modify our inventory.” Archery technology is similar to computer technology: All it takes is about six months for bigger, stronger, lighter equipment to hit the market and turn older inventory obsolete. Most of Max Archery’s expansions took place out of pocket, but the rate and cost of updating made it difficult to keep up.

The time had come to seek a larger pool of funds to maximize the business’s full potential. Max Archery approached Alpine Bank about a loan to expand their inventory. After reviewing the client’s need, Region 10 was called in to help provide gap financing and improve upon the package for Max Archery. When the dust settled, all three sides were able to agree on financing terms. “It is important to Alpine Bank to continue to invest in the communities we serve,” Tyler Dahl, Vice President of Alpine Bank, comments. “We were pleased to help the McCombs see their dreams come true.” This deal allowed Max Archery to increase its inventory to over 50,000 items, including equipment from the three largest archery brands: PSE, New Breed, and Darton.

“Max Archery is more than just a shop; it’s a community asset,” Dahl continues. The McCombs not only donate their archery range to the local 4H Club, but they also provide free equipment repairs for the group of young archers. The McCombs brothers have also worked diligently to collect used equipment and offer lessons, in an effort to cultivate more archery enthusiasts like themselves. Max Archery also partners with the Black Canyon Archers to offer indoor space when the weather is not conducive for shooting. It is obvious that archery is more than just a business for the McCombs family.

Whether you are an expert marksman or newbie when it comes to archery, don’t miss out on this local gem. Give Max Archery a call at (970) 964-2341 or follow them on Facebook.

Also, to find out more about similar opportunities for your business, be sure to contact Region 10’s Small Business Resource Center or Alpine Bank (click on the company’s logo below).