Region 10 Community Living Services would like to recognize Touch of Care for their extraordinary work in support of this program. Touch of Care has become a statewide champion of the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) program in Colorado. Colorado Choice Transitions  is a program designed to give  Medicaid clients the option of moving out of nursing homes and back into the community with support and services. It is a component of the Money Follows the Person initiative. This federally-funded program builds on the home and community-based services Medicaid program. These programs promote independence, improve the transition process, and support these individuals once they move back into the community. The program also saves the taxpayers thousands of dollars every year by caring for people outside of skilled nursing facilities.
Touch of Care have assisted clients in Montrose, Delta, and Gunnison Counties in the difficult journey to regain their independence after institutionalization. These transitions require many hours and in most cases months of groundwork to prepare the client for a successful transition. Risk mitigation, affordable housing, establishment of  in-home services, home modifications and on-going intensive case management are all important components of community reintegration. Touch of Care receives the Region 10 Community Living Services “Above & Beyond” Award for their compassionate dedication to this program and the individuals who benefit from their work.