We are thankful for individuals who are willing to spend a considerable amount of time away from their homes to provide a voice for Western Colorado citizens on statewide issues. One of these individuals is Deacon Vince Rogalski of Gunnison, who has served as the chairman of the Gunnison Valley Transportation Planning Region (GVTPR) and the Chairman of the State Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) for the last 14 years!

The GVTPR is responsible for the development of 20-year Regional Transportation Plans every five years, as well as producing annual updates through an extensive public participation process. The plan is a multi-model transportation plan addressing the transportation elements of roadways, bike & pedestrian facilities, transit services, aviation, and rail services, and covers all six counties in Region 10. It is used by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan and to establish priority projects for funding every year. The STAC advises the Colorado Department of Transportation on the needs of the transportation system in Colorado and reviews and comments on all Statewide Transportation Plans. STAC assists with the development of the statewide CDOT budget and project selection and prioritization.

Vince also serves on several other state transportation committees, including the transit and rail advisory committee and the freight plan committee. He spends several days a month in Denver making sure that the transportation needs of Western Colorado are part of every discussion at the state level. Thanks Vince!