It is common for those in older generations to avoid seeking help. They don’t want to be a burden. They pride themselves on their self-reliance. But sometimes, we all just need a little extra help.

Harry and Katy Edmond were no different. These two charming people didn’t discover love until their sixties, and they have been happily married for 15 years ever since. Collectively from previous marriages, Harry and Katy have six children.

In February 2014, Katy’s daughter, Candy grew concerned. Her mother was simultaneously fighting pneumonia and leukemia. Meanwhile, Harry was struggling with heart and lung problems. The proud couple did not want to bother to their family or their community. However, they did not have enough money to private pay for any in-home services. Candy’s concern prompted her to call Region 10, and see if there was any help available for the couple. Region 10’s Option Counselor Amy Rowan visited their home to explain the benefit and service options available in Montrose.

The Edmonds had their hesitancies. They were nervous they would not be able to remain in their home and receive the level of care that they needed. Rowan explained the Older American’s Act to the couple. Through this legislation, funding is made available to help elderly people like the Edmonds stay home and pay for homemaking, meal prep, shopping, and home delivered meals.

Another problem was noticed during Rowan’s home visit: Harry did not seem very engaged in the conversation. It turns out that Harry was struggling to even hear the conversation. Once this realization was made, Rowan introduced the Material Aid program to the couple. This program helps subsidize some of the costs associated with attaining a hearing aid.

After the interaction, Rowan helped the couple sign up for two hours of homemaking every other week with Cimarron Homecare. The couple also received Meals on Wheels with Senior Community Meals. Finally, Harry received $400 towards his hearing aid cost with Southwest Hearing Services.

“Everyone has been so nice,” states Katy. “I can’t believe we have been able to get so much help. My heart is so full of appreciation. What a blessing it is to live in Montrose. Seniors have so much good stuff, who could complain about it?”

Harry and Katy Edmond are two examples of how Region 10 is committed to connecting those who need care with available programs and services within the community. If you or your parents are struggling, please contact Region 10’s Area Agency on Aging by calling 970.249.2436 or emailing