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Region 10 Broadband – Thankful for Relationships Built on Partnerships

With the recent selection of Deeply Digital LLC, a Montrose-based contractor, to build broadband infrastructure in the City of Montrose, Region 10 is adding to its broadband implementation team, and looks forward to working with a local company with extensive experience in Middle-Mile and Fiber to the Premise Projects. Deeply Digital will work in collaboration with Region 10’s current broadband implementation team, Actavo Engineering Services and Consulting Firm, NEO Connect in order to build out middle mile infrastructure.

Along with TCS (currently building middle mile infrastructure in Delta) Deeply Digital brings years of experience and a local voice to the project. Proposals from companies across the country were reviewed, and Deeply Digital’s proposal was identified as having the right mix of qualities, including approach to the project and pricing. Deeply Digital President Doug Seacat says of the project, “We are proud to have been chosen as the contractor for Montrose”. “We have a long history here and are excited to be working with Region 10 and the City of Montrose to improve regional broadband”.

As construction activities begin in Montrose and begin to wrap up in Delta, we will be working closely with all of our partners to expedite the project and to minimize impact in the communities. Construction for the Regional Broadband Project is divided into two phases. Phase One is currently underway and includes network construction in the Cities of Delta and Montrose. Phase Two will begin in 2017, with construction throughout Region 10’s member counties of Delta, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel, Gunnison and Hinsdale.

These efforts are part of a long-term Region 10 initiative to help local governments in bringing high-speed, Gigabit-enabled broadband to their communities. The goal continues to be construction of the “middle mile” infrastructure throughout the Region, while creating redundancy for the individual communities. Local governments have identified affordable and reliable, high-speed broadband as essential to the Region’s economic development, public safety and health, and statewide competitiveness.

Region 10 is thankful for the support and cooperation of its’ member communities and its’ ongoing partnerships as we work to realize this vision. Without support from local communities, counties, commercial partners and state agencies the project would remain just that, a vision of unrealized potential.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!