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Region 10 sees data analytics as a vital service to our communities and destinations that are trying to better understand their community members, business industries, and visitor base. This information can help us to better understand how people are interreacting within our region and to look at needs for housing, infrastructure, community services and more.

Geo-Location Data

Data that is collected and presented has proprietary and public sources of opt-In data including 510 (and growing) data partners and 225 million (and growing) cell phones. This means all the date is fully insulated against major industry shifts because of the breadth, depth and creative quality of the unique geo sources used by Datafy.

Media Marketing

Instantaneously derive data driven audiences for events by season, points of interest, specific dates and/or specific stakeholders. Reach the right visitors with hyper-targeted advertising campaigns.

Data Warehouse

All the data sources and reporting are in one place with real time updates and correlations in a visually compelling display. The list of what we ingest and house is quite long … but here’s a start: hotel, lodging, airport, tax, spending, social, economic development, media reporting, forecasting, sentiment and intercept studies.

Regional Airport Dashboard

Regional Business Activity

Regional Industries Over Time