Opportunity zones are a new federal incentive designated in the 2017 tax reform bill

Four of our six counties have designated Opportunity Zones: Delta County (3), Montrose County (3), Gunnison County (1) and San Miguel County (1). They are an incentive for investors to support distressed communities through long-term, equity investments in businesses and real estate ventures. The incentive provides deferral, reduction and potential elimination of certain federal capital gains taxes.

Colorado Opportunity Zones

If properly executed, Opportunity Zones may help address a number of challenges in Colorado.


Services include:

Promoting economic vitality

Promoting economic vitality in parts of the state that have not shared in the general prosperity over the past few years

Funding Development

Funding the development of workforce and affordable housing in areas with escalating prices and inventory shortages

Funding Infrastructure

Funding new infrastructure to support population and economic growth

Investing in startups

Investing in startup businesses that have potential for rapid increases in scale and the ability to “export” outside the state of Colorado