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Olathe Façade Improvement Loan Program

About the Program

The Façade Improvement Loan Program has been designed to award Olathe businesses small business loans up to $10,000 to assist with ongoing updating & revitalization of Olathe’s Main Street. Improvements to the exterior façades (front, back, side) will support Olathe’s goal of continuing to build an attractive, vibrant place where people converge, businesses thrive, and property and business values increase.

The Town of Olathe is pleased to announce that it has received a Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) grant from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). This grant is intended to support the revitalization of our Main Street and bolster local retail businesses. The approved funding allows eligible businesses to apply for a façade improvement grant for total project costs of up to $10,000. (Total project cost includes grant match.) The grant is a reimbursement grant and so Region 10 is offering business who apply for and are awarded the Grant through the Town of Olathe up t0 $10,000 to help with the immediate project costs. For example, if your project cost is $10,000, you will spend that money to make the upgrades and submit reimbursement invoices to the Town of Olathe upon completion of the project. Region 10 can provide your business with a $10,000 loan for the project and once you are finished the Town of Olathe will reimburse your business with $7,500, the other $2,500 is your match for the grant program.

Looking for ideas?

  • Add new awnings, lights, non-commercial murals, or other exterior amenities
  • Uncover or rehabilitate the historic exterior of an existing building
  • Eliminate blighted conditions like dark alleys, broken fixtures, or inaccessible entryways
  • Remove non-historic features
  • Add window/display areas
  • Restore brickwork, wood, masonry, stucco, or siding
  • Replace, repair, or add architectural details like cornices or transoms
  • Repair or upgrade windows and doors
  • Pointing of brick and mortar joint repair
  • Entryway renovation
  • Structural elements necessary for the facade improvement, even if not seen from the public right-of-way

What is NOT eligible?

  • Any element of the proposal deemed to be inconsistent with the Town of Olathe codes and/or zoning
  • Loans for work/projects that have begun before the application was approved.

Loan Terms

Loan amounts up to $10,000
7.5% Fixed Interest Rate
1% Closing Costs
36-48 Month Loan Term
Retail Business in Town


Three Ways to Apply for Region 10’s Loan
1. Pick up an application in person at the Town of Olathe
2. Fill out the online application below.
3. Contact Sarah Steffens, by phone at 970-765-3125

*You must have already applied for the Town of Olathe’s Grant through their application.

Olathe Facade Improvement Program Loan Application
Applicant's Mailing Address
Applicant's Mailing Address
Is the Project Site Address for the facade improvements the same as the Applicant's Mailing Address?
Project Site Address
Project Site Address
What type of business entity is your business? (please choose one)
Does the applicant own or rent the building
Is the property Historical?
If yes, has it been locally designated?
Preferred Loan Term
Is the applicant interested in a loan amount above the $10,000?
Proposed use of funds for facade improvements?