Meet Michelle Haynes

Region 10’s Executive Director

Empowering communities and enriching the lives of families and individuals are what inspire vision and action for Michelle. With a heart for the sense of purpose and community impact nonprofit organizations provide, she has spent her career in the nonprofit management of health care, mental health, and regional services organizations across Colorado. In 2013, Michelle became Region 10’s executive director, overseeing regional projects including transportation planning, business development and support, services for aging adults, community development strategies, and broadband service planning and implementation. Michelle holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.


Susan Bony
Program Assistant
(970) 765-3134

Anne Britton
Certified Medicare Counselor
Direct: 970-765-3129 Toll free: 888-696-7213

John Broadbooks
Certified Medicare Counselor
Direct: 970-765-3129 Toll Free: 888-696-7213

Corey Bryndal
Regional Broadband Director
(970) 765-3148

Judy Dietrich
Certified Medicare Counselor
Direct: 970-765-3129 Toll Free: 888-696-7213

Nichole Glaser
Economic Recovery Coordinator
(970) 765-3141

Michelle Haynes
Executive Director
(970) 765-3122

Jo Lance
(970) 765-3124

Nancy Murphy
Small Business Development Director
(970) 765-3130

Meg Nagel
Senior Companion Coordinator
(970) 765-3123

Claudette Nicolas
Options Counselor
(970) 765-3121

Dan Scinto
Business Loan Fund Director
(970) 765-3126

Trish Thibodo
Community Development Director
(970) 765-3133

Eva Veitch
Community Living Services Director
(970) 765-3127

Joe Walker
CLS Program Coordinator
(970) 765-3147

Sandy Walker
Lead Ombudsman
(970) 765-3131