Region 10 serves as a partner with the U.S. Economic Development Administration as an Economic Development District, which provides economic development planning to our region and the communities within the region.

Region 10 is a designated Economic Development District and thus is responsible for creating and implementing a regional economic development plan.

This plan is called a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and is the region’s playbook for engaging in a collaborative, region-wide transformation of the economy in order to raise productivity, create wealth, and increase prosperity for residents. A CEDS is the result of a “regionally-owned” planning process designed to guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of a region.

It provides a coordinating mechanism for individuals, organizations, local governments, and private industry to engage in a meaningful conversation and debate about the economic direction of our region.

In 2019, Region 10 updated and revised its CEDS. A draft copy was submitted to the U.S. Department of Commerce – Economic Development Administration in June 2019 for approval. This document will guide our region’s economic development work for the next five years.

Regional Development Projects